Young Entrepreneur's Club

Announcing Kismet's Young Entrepreneur's Club!



As a women-run small, local business we at Kismet want to encourage young people to start thinking and understanding how "main street" works. We want to start a YEC to educate, provide space for and market for kids who have an idea. 


They could sell goods:

Lemonade, friendship bracelets, cookies, t-shirts, headbands, etc,

Or services:

Teach people how to skateboard, tutor math, share with the world what they are passionate about--anything they can think of! 


We will provide the real estate (front of the store), the marketing and an hour of one on one time with the owner of Kismet. 



Have your child send in a proposal to or and we will review. 


Once accepted, we'll pick a date and time that works in their schedule. They will need to bring in their product and a table.


When: Taking applications NOW!